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Struggling To Find The Right Mattress Bag? Try Our Innovative 3 In 1 Mattress Bag…

As we’ve jokingly said in a previous video, ‘If Elon Musk can build a car that drives itself, why is it so difficult to find the right-sized mattress bag (or anything for that matter) when you need it’?

Well we’ve solved that problem for you with our 3 in 1 mattress bag.

This bag will take anything from a single right through to a king sized mattress bag and everything in-between.

It’s made of robust polypropylene, has fully adjustable straps, sturdy carry handles and industrial strength zips.

Why struggle?

Order online – the button’s below 😉


3 In 1 Mattress Bag
3 In 1 Mattress Bag
3 In 1 Mattress Bag
3 In 1 Mattress Bag
3 in 1 Mattress Removals Bag Zips
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